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My name is Ronnie Smith and I am currently serving as Deputy Sheriff in Polk County, North Carolina. Having been born, raised and educated in Polk County, I continued my education with Isothermal Community College as well as Gardner Webb University. As a member of Silver Creek Baptist Church, I truly enjoy the family atmosphere within the church and the closeness shared by my fellow church members.

As of age 18 I have been a life-long registered Democrat and have been employed by the Polk County Sheriffs Department for nearly 18 years and volunteered for over 10 years. Having served under 3 very unique Sheriffs my opportunities and training included but was not limited to patrol (shift sergeant), civil process, jail, prisoner transports, handling and transporting psychiatric patients, K-9 narcotics detection as well as all aspects of courtroom proceedings including traffic, small claims, district, superior, civil and criminal courts. I have a great working relationship with the judicial offices, clerk of court and the district attorneys office. My public service prior to joining the Sheriffs department includes five years with the Polk County EMS and 28 years with the Polk County Rescue Squad. I also have over 16 years experience in industrial security fire and safety. 

Being a life-long resident of Polk County with family roots in the Columbus township since the 1940s, I understand the needs of the residents of Polk County. Due to population growth which has resulted in an increase in crime, I believe it is necessary to increase officer patrols covering all areas of our county. Protecting with compassion and fairness is of utmost importance for our citizens. I am qualified and confident in my abilities to serve the people of Polk County as Sheriff, and to uphold the constitutional and state laws of North Carolina. I will dedicate myself daily to the needs of the citizens of Polk County and listen, observe and evaluate what would be best for all concerned.

I am asking for the support of the people of Polk County and the opportunity to serve as their Sheriff, where I pledge to always give my complete dedication to the job of maintaining, protecting and preserving our great county. I also appreciate the support of those who encouraged me to file. 

I understand the history and heritage of the people of Polk County. 

With nearly 18 years in the Sheriffs department and serving under three very unique sheriffs, I feel I can serve Polk County with the experience it deserves.    

Polk County Sheriffs Office

Polk County Sheriffs Office Jail 1974

Over 20 years experience

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